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With our expert’s assistance, we perform the parboiling process with our uniquely designed paddy driers. In our paddy rice dryer the paddy enters through the top of the dryer and leaves via the receiving chamber. Paddy drying solutions is processed with flexible capacity, energy efficiency, and innovative engineering techniques that facilitate Parboiling. Recognized as one of the top Paddy drier manufacturers in the globe, our driers are supplied across the world because of the versatility we provide is supplying. Like manufacturing, we also provide an end-to-end service in commissioning the driers in every plant that we supply.





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Are you looking for paddy dryer machine to implement in your paddy parboiling plant? As a paddy dryer machine manufacturer we at SKF Group produce the most quality, high performance and sustainable drier using the latest technology. Below are some of our paddy dryer products -

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Our Paddy Drier Features & Specification


Less Noise, High Efficiency

Automatic, Semi Automatic

Reliable Performance

Continues Operation

Auto Temperature CS

Online Drying & Uniform Drying

High Energy Efficient, Low Power Demand

Surface Finish - Coated


Capacity – 1 ton/hr to 25ton/hr

Operation Mode - Automatic, Semi Automatic

Electricity Connection – Three Phases

Motor Power – 7kw to 30kw/hr

Power Consumption - 7kw to 30kw/hr

Max Temperature - 100 Degree Celsius

Material - Stainless Steel

No of Stages – Three Stages

Best Paddy Dryer Technology Principle, Process & Solutions

How Does Paddy Drying System Works?

The paddy drying system functions by checking the moisture content initially, moisture content can be seen at two spots: at the outside of the grain, surface moisture, and internal moisture. Surface moisture will promptly dissipate when the grain is exposed in hot air. Inner moisture vanishes much slower because it initially needs to move from the bit to the outside surface. As a result, surface moisture and interior moisture vanish at an alternate rate. In every paddy dryer plant, this difference brings about a distinctive drying rate; the rate at which grain moisture content decreases during the drying procedure. The drying rate in paddy rice dryer is typically communicated in %/hr. Commonplace drying paces of grain dryers are in the 0.5%/hr to 1%/hr go.

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